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In autumn

The beauty of the vineyard landscapes

In autumn, the vineyard takes on its shimmering colours for a phenomenon of the most beautiful effect! Red, yellow and orange tones dress the hillsides and give the landscapes a special charm. Take advantage of this dazzling and unusual spectacle to treat yourself to a getaway on the Alsace Wine Route. Picturesque villages and famous wine towns follow one another along this mythical route. The perfect opportunity to taste the great wines of Alsace and discover their secrets!

Discover the castles

In the fall, there are many opportunities for you to explore a vibrant nature. Enjoy an invigorating stroll to visit one of our many castles! Emerging from the flamboyant forests, these stone sentinels mark the landscape of Alsace and overlook, often above a sea of clouds, the valleys and plains. Fascinating, each one is unique but all offer breathtaking panoramas!

The warm atmosphere of winstubs

From the first frost, regional specialities such as sauerkraut or baeckeoffe are very popular. Go to a winstub to taste these authentic dishes and enjoy a warm moment! The cuisine is generous and will satisfy all gourmets and lovers of authenticity. Make yourself comfortable in a rustic, charming and welcoming setting and get a taste of the Alsatian art of living. A tasty meal awaits you, to be shared in a very friendly atmosphere!